Consumers are often spoilt for choice in Singapore, when we have a wide range of aircon brands to choose from when it comes to our new homes or offices. Most of the time, consumers are not aircon experts and may not know how to choose between all the various brands. In this article here, we will showcase the bestselling top aircon brands in 2023 to give you an idea the brands and features available.




Top Aircon Brands for 2023:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Midea
  • LG
  • Panasonic



Daikin Silver Envi Catalogue

Daikin is one of the most popular air-conditioning brands for homes, not just in Singapore but throughout the world for the past four decades. Mostly known for being highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly, Daikin is a great choice for homeowners who are environmentally conscious and want to save on energy bills.


One of the popular key features they offer is air quality filters where the air-conditioner will help to remove pollutants in the air – which is great for families with kids or pets. This also helps in during the haze period in Singapore.


One interesting feature that Daikin’s Super Multi HW Series offers is that the aircon system can recycle the waste heat to hot water for your showers. Daikin’s innovation has taken it to the next level to become more environmentally friendly that not only save the earth, but also save on electricity bills.


Daikin has 3 models of multi-Split air-conditioning systems. For more information, you can click on the Series below to open the latest catalogue in 2023 and learn more:

          Daikin iSmileEco Series

          Daikin EZi Series

          Daikin Super Multi HW Series



Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Inverter Air-conditioning systems are extremely popular in Japan, with one of the best energy-efficient systems, being awarded 5 NEA ticks to all their multi-split aircon systems. This means that in the long-run, the energy efficiency will help save a ton on electricity bills especially if you are a heavy user of air-conditioning. 


One of Mitsubishi Electric Starmex key features is its EasyClean system, which makes it simple for homeowners to wipe down any dust and clean the air-conditioner easily. With such easily accessible features for cleaning, it makes it convenient for maintenance which helps to ensure optimal operating efficiency. Afterall, if the aircon is dusty, it takes more energy for it to cool the room.


Another key feature that owners of Mitsubishi Electric Starmex really enjoy is the low noise level of its operating system. With a low noise level of 19dB (softer than the sounds of leaves rustling), families with children or light sleepers will enjoy a quiet night’s sleep with the comfort of cool air to maximize quality sleep time.


If you are keen to find more details and technical specification on Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Inverter Air-conditioning systems, you can visit their website to find out more!







For those that do not know the brand, Midea has been around since 1968 producing a wide variety of home appliances, including air-conditioners. Today, they are ranked as one of Forbes Global Fortune 500 Company with operations in over 195 countries.


The latest Midea air-conditioner model is the Midea All Easy Pro Series, where its key feature is easy cleaning and easy installation. After decades of research, Midea understands that the true key to an air-conditioner’s performance and lifespan is by regular servicing and maintenance. To sustain the most optimal cooling performance, the system needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Therefore, by focusing its features (Midea All Easy Pro Series) on making it easy and convenient to clean the aircon system, maintenance would be much less of a hassle for owners, and thereby helping in long-run performance and durability.


Midea is also known for their environmentally friendly approach, which is reflected in their energy-efficient aircons (4 and 5 NEA ticks). Their air-conditioning systems also features modern innovative technology such as dehumidifying the room and smart temperature sensors.


Midea proudly boasts that the time taken for maintenance works is times faster for an All Easy Pro Maintenance compared to other regular aircon unit. You can read up more details and technical specifications in the Midea All Easy Pro Series Catalogue.


Also, one thing to note is that the All Easy Pro Series only supports up to System 4 – meaning one outdoor aircon unit can connect up to 4 indoor aircon units (or 4 rooms). The All Easy Pro Series have 4 ticks, while if you are looking for greater energy efficiency, you can opt for the All Easy Pro Premium which has NEA 5 ticks.





LG Wall-Mounted ArtCool Plus

If you are looking for smaller sized air-conditioning units, LG is the better-known aircon manufacturers for that. This not only includes the normal wall mounted aircon units, but also the ceiling mounted cassettes and concealed ducts. This is perfect for smaller homes or rooms with space constraints.


LG has always been an innovator, integrating home appliances with state of the art technology. Their latest air-conditioning system, the ArtCool Plus allows easy control, monitoring and diagnosis of the room’s air quality right at the fingertips of your smartphone. One of the highly raved features of the ArtCool Plus is their Plasmaster Ionizer where it utilizes over 3 million ions to sanitize the air, remove harmful particles as well as getting rid of bad odors.


Another well-loved feature is its auto cleaning function where regular airflow helps to clean the filters. This sophisticated technology claims to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger, enabling you to stay worry-free with clean and fresh air.


You can read more about the features and technical specifications in the LG Aircon Catalogue.







Panasonic Asia has been around since 1974 with a long and sound history of providing a wide range of air-conditioners for residential, light commercial and commercial use. Their air-conditioners are known for their aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic designs, with a wide variety ranging from 2 NEA Ticks to 5 NEA ticks depending on your intended usage and purpose for an aircon installation.


Generally, the main 2 key features that Panasonic aircons are known for are:



Panasonic air-conditioners are equipped with high-precision sensor technology that allows efficient and automatic operation to match the room conditions to save energy. ECONAVI has two sensors: the Human Activity Sensor and the Sunlight Sensor. Together, they monitor human location, movement, absence, and sunlight intensity to use energy more efficiently, and thus save on electricity bills in the long-term.


nanoe™ X technology

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology uses hydroxyl radicals contained in water to improve indoor air quality, and this has been tested and shown to suppress the activity of viruses & bacteria, which inhibits over 99.7% of Novel Coronavirus within 24 hours. Therefore, you can enjoy cooler, cleaner and better quality air at home.


To find out more about Panasonic air-conditioning systems, you can visit their features page or their product catalogue.

Best Selling Air-conditioners in Singapore 2023: How to Choose?

Overall, the top brands listed here each have their own unique selling points and ultimately it depends on which factors are important to you. Deciding your next brand of air-conditioner should be a walk in the park – simply ask yourself what you think is important, and if you are unable to find any answers, you can feel free to contact our friendly helpline at 6285 6756 or WhatsApp 9383 6574, or simply fill in the contact us form. The professionals here at Infinity Air will be able to guide you to the best fit choice through guiding questions to find out more about you, your home’s type of requirements and estimated usage, etc. After all, we have over 20+ years of experience and have conducted over 15,000+ servicing jobs, so you will be in good hands with our helpful aircon experts.


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