Wall-mounted air-conditioners make up majority of the aircons installed in Singapore homes. Did you know, choosing an ideal installation location is almost as important as choosing the right aircon model for your home. By selecting the proper wall-mounted aircon installation location, the air-conditioner can be more energy efficient and have better performance by cooling the room faster, which saves you both time and money altogether. In this article, we will explore the tips on how to choose an ideal location with the most benefits for the installation of your air-conditioner.


Outdoor Unit (Condenser unit)

The outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coil of your air-conditioning system, which produces and gives you cool air. As the name suggests, the outdoor unit will be located outside of your home for the purpose of releasing hot air. To ensure efficient performance from your condenser unit, here are the following tips for the ideal placement location for your outdoor unit:


Condenser unit should be well-ventilated – As the outdoor unit’s role is to expel hot air from your home, it would be best if it is in a well-ventilated area where airflow is good. If the ventilation is bad, the hot air will be ‘stuck’ and remain around the condenser unit which will affect its productivity and affect the cooling performance in your room.


Condenser unit should be in the shade – Most homes are designed with a designated outdoor unit location which is well-shaded so most of you shouldn’t have to worry about this. However, if you have multiple locations you can choose from, you should select a location that provides the most shade even during daytime, especially if you use your air-conditioner during the day. When exposed to direct sunlight, the outdoor unit heats up and requires more energy to expel the heat, which can also lead to higher electrical bills. If you cannot control the placement location of your outdoor unit, then an alternative solution will be getting a sun visor to minimize the heat transfer from sunlight.




Indoor Unit (Fan Coil unit)

Your wall-mounted air-conditioner indoor unit, also known as fan coil unit, will include the system that filters and blows cold air circulating into your room. Here are some tips on improving the performance and efficiency of your air-conditioning system via a good installation location:


Avoid heat sources: Heat sources can come from electrical appliances, light bulbs, or even sunlight. If your indoor unit is too close to a heat source, the thermostat may receive a false reading, thinking that the room is not cool enough, then the compressor will continue working and this can lead to higher energy output and result in higher electrical bills.


3 feet (or 1m) away from electronic devices: Asides from heat being an issue, electronic devices such as television antenna, electrical security systems and radio emit off electrical feedback that can affect the operational efficiency of your air-conditioning system.


Install close to your bed or working area: By installing your air-conditioner near your bed or sitting area, you will be able to feel the best results of your air-conditioning system. The thermostat senses the temperature surrounding the aircon before cutting off the compressor, which will ensure that you will always be enjoying your ideal temperature.


Ideal height is 7 feet (or 2m) from the floor: Hot air rises and cold air falls. With a high enough height for your installation, you can ensure that the cold air can be more evenly distributed throughout the room.


Avoid obstacles for better airflow: Ensure that no furniture or items is blocking the flow of your air-conditioner, as this may disrupt the air circulation and affect the aircon’s cooling efficiency that can affect the lifespan of your aircon. 



Here are some other factors to consider as well for your air-conditioner installation:

Consider the noise generated by your aircon’s model – Depending on your aircon type and model, some air-conditioners can be noisy and be disruptive to your work. If you plan to install an air-conditioner near your working space, you may wish to choose a quieter aircon model.


Installation difficulty – Depending on your choice of installation location, if it is somewhere cramp, difficult to get to or requires significant dexterity skills to maneuver about, then this will cause servicing difficulty for future maintenance works. This can result in a higher servicing or installation fee while creating a challenging environment for any troubleshooting work if required. Therefore, do spare a thought for these before your installation.


Future planning – Are you planning to get more furniture in this space, conduct renovation works, or install more electrical devices such as another lighting system, etc. These will affect the performance of your air-conditioning system and planning early is key to finding an ideal aircon location that will not be affected by your plans.


Placing aircon based on existing furniture layout – Based on your current furniture layout, you can place your air-conditioner accordingly. For example:



In the above scenario, you can see the aircon is placed at the center of the living space (center of 3 sofas), rather than the center of the rectangular room. This create a consistent flow of air where actual people will be at for them to enjoy the cool air. Such considerations should be thought of when planning to make an aircon installation.





Ready for your Aircon installation?

If you have read through all the tips and factors to consider, but are still unsure, not to worry. Many of our clients feel the same way when they read up and research on air-conditioning systems and installations. There may be too much information to process for a layman who knows nothing about air-conditioners. Fortunately, here we are as Infinity Air, with over 20 years of experience completing over 15,000+ jobs and still counting. We help everyday people get through with their aircon issues, from educating, advising, and making great recommendations on installations, servicing and even repairs/replacement when required. That is how we keep getting referrals and regulars back to us every time. Do feel free to contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to give our professional opinion for any of your air-conditioning needs.