UV Air Sanitizer

UV Air Sanitizer upgrades your current air conditioner into a sanitizer which brings fresh and clean air into your room.



UV Air Sanitizer is an add-on that upgrades your current air conditioner to work as an air sanitizer as well.


Here is why you should get one:


Eliminates harmful substances/allergens: This is the key main reason why everyone should have an air sanitizer in their homes. Keeping your indoor air sanitized, getting rid of viruses for healthier, breathable air is a priority.


Environmentally friendly: Totally free of chemicals and unlike other air purifiers, it does not produce ozone.


Lighting aesthetics: Your room will not only feel cooler but also look a lot cooler with the UV sanitization system on your aircon.


Long-lasting: The titanium dioxide coating lasts for decades, while the UV LEDs have a lifespan of 10,000 hours.


1-year warranty: We provide a 1-year warranty on our UV sanitizer product should something defect during this period.


Easy installation: Our technicians can get it installed in your aircon within 5 minutes.


For more information about the UV Air Sanitizer, you can read our article here:



Sample of how your aircon will look like with the UV Sanitizer installed and running:

Additional information

UV Air Sanitizer

$180 for delivery only (without installation included), $220 for delivery and installation (our technicians will install it on your aircon)