• A Single split system consists of 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit.
  • A Multi-split system consists of 1 outdoor unit and multiple indoor units
FCU which also means Fan Coil Unit, are your indoor units blowing the cold air in your rooms.
A compressor is a component of the outdoor unit (CU) which compresses and pumps the refrigerant in the system to your indoor units (FCU)
Input (kW) x hours of usage x days used per month = Total Electricity consumed.
A rough estimate is Area (Length x Width) ft x 65 = Estimated Btu/H required.
An inverter air-conditioner uses inverter circuit to supply cool air by regulating the speed of the compressor. This enables the condenser unit to reduce it’s output once the set temperature has been reached and reduce electricity consumed.
The lifespan of an air-conditioning system is about 8-10 years. However with regular maintenance, the lifespan can increase by up to 25-30%.

The refrigerant in the air-conditioning system will never be totally depleted unless there’s a leak; therefore there is no need to top up refrigerant on a regular basis.

CU which also means Condensing Unit, are your outdoor units usually on a bracket or ledge blowing out hot air.

The Green ticks represent the NEA energy rating of the Air-conditioners. The more the ticks the more energy efficient it is and thus reducing the electrical bill.

Water leakage from FCU can be caused by a few possible reasons but the usual cause is the clogged water condensate drainage piping.

It is common for water to be dripping from the CU from to condensation because of the warm/hot air that are surrounding the cold pipe connections in the outdoor unit.

These strange noises may be caused by dirt trapped in the blower, broken fan blower or faulty fan motor bearings.

Strange noises can be caused by a malfunctioning compressor, vibrations from the compressor unit, damaged fan blade/fan motor or loose fan motor bearings.
A typical ductless split system does not ventilate the air and the foul smell from mould forming in the indoor unit or surrounding environment.
Poor cooling efficient from FCU can be caused by several possibilities such as a choked or dirty coil, Incorrect temperature, and mode setting or faulty components in the system.
When the temperature in the room has reached its temperature set on the remote controller, the CU will take a ‘break’ but will resume its operation when the temperature in the room rises again.
Regularly servicing and maintenance of the air-conditioning system can optimize the cooling efficiency, reduce water leaking issues, prolong the equipment’s lifespan and avoid sudden air-con issues.
A chemical overhaul is a process where the equipment is dismantled from the system and is cleaned methodically with a chemical.
A Chemical overhaul helps to cleanse and purge deep-set clogged dirt and dust in the coils of the unit and aids in restoring and improving the efficiency of the air-conditioning system.
The process of chemical overhaul consists of dismantling the FCU so that every part of the air-conditioning system can be washed thoroughly with no chemical residue left behind which may cause corrosion in the FCU.

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