Best Aircon Servicing Available in Singapore

Aircon servicing to clean away the dusty filters or clogged airways, to provide you fresh air once again, and extend the lifespan of your air-conditioner. You can find the aircon servicing prices down at the bottom of this page.



“Aircon breakdown”, “Aircon not cold”, “Aircon no air” Do these issues sound familiar? They are just a few common problems that can be prevented through regular aircon servicing. Give yourself a peace of mind by getting regular AC servicing and aircon maintenance. All aircon experts will agree that with aircon servicing, your aircon’s performance will improve with better air flow, higher efficiency (which leads to cost savings in utility bill) as well as a longer lifespan.



Every machine is but a sum of its parts, where early detection of smaller wear and tear will help prevent larger and potentially costlier breakdowns in future. The best way is to arrange for regular servicing or maintenance for your aircon (AC) unit to keep it running at optimal efficiency! Regardless of whether it is at home or office, like a well-oiled car, take care of your AC and it will take care of you.

Types of Aircon Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of cleaning services and regular aircon servicing contracts and they include:

  • General Aircon Servicing (standard aircon cleaning): This provides essential cleaning services that involve dismantling the case, cleaning the filters, dusting off dirt, and vacuuming up any residue

  • Aircon Steam Cleaning: As the name suggests, we use hot steam (100% chemical free) to destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms living in your air-conditioner in hard-to-reach places. This method is also 100% environmentally friendly as it is a water-based process

  • Chemical overhaul for your aircon systems: If you haven’t cleaned your aircon for years, this would be perfect as this cleaning method is our deepest and most thorough cleaning service available. We will dismantle your aircon into parts and use deep cleaning chemicals to rid of mold or any other difficult stains to bring the internal cleanliness of your aircon system to as good as new.

  • Aircon Whitening: If you think your aircon’s external casing has turned yellow, or you just wish to whiten and create a better aesthetic look for your aircon, we can provide this service on an adhoc basis – go ahead and ask us about it!

  • Regular servicing contracts: By having a regular schedule for aircon maintenance and cleaning, your aircon will be in tiptop condition all year round. Excellent performance would mean that your aircon will cool your room easily and stay energy efficient, which helps in your electrical bills as well. You can minimize the risk of breakdowns and failures as maintenance checks are included during these regular servicing contracts.

  • Aircon Repairs: Normally we would ask you to describe the issue beforehand so we can get our technicians well prepared and equipped before coming down to your place for an inspection. The best scenario would be that we can resolve the issue on the spot with our aircon experts taking to the root cause of any problems and performing the repairs accordingly. If things are more complicated, we would advise you accordingly and ultimately let you make the informed decision if a 2nd trip is required or if a replacement makes more economical sense.

Ultimately, we love to give our customers peace of mind and ensure that our technicians provide the best service possible. With over 20+ years of experience, our aircon experts will deliver results to keep your air-conditioning system in tiptop condition. Book a consultation with us today and feel the difference!

Scope of Servicing

At Infinity Air, we pride ourselves in the quality of our aircon services in Singapore. We have no “additional charges”, no hidden fees, and are 100% transparent with all our clients. We offer general aircon servicing for your usual regular cleaning and aircon steam cleaning that is 100% water-based and environmentally friendly. If you haven’t serviced your aircon for years, our aircon chemical overhaul (also known as chemical wash) will be our deepest aircon cleaning service available to you. Our prices and a breakdown of the scope for all our aircon servicing and maintenance can be found below. Our prices are highly competitive and valued for the work we do and the assurance we provide!

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