What is Aircon Steam Cleaning?
Steam Cleaning Aircon Servicing

What is Aircon Steam Cleaning?

Aircon Steam Cleaning All electrical appliances have a varied lifespan depending on its usage and how well it has been maintained. Similarly, air-conditioning units must…

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Servicing as Usual

Here you can see our team member making his way to the outdoor unit to complete the final touches on the water piping system, and…

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Servicing @ Bukit Timah

This week we’re at Bukit Timah conducting our regular general servicing activities. In this bungalow, there are over 10 aircon units. During general servicing, we…

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Aircon Servicing @ NUS

We go to doctors for a checkup regularly to detect early symptoms and take preventive measures. Similarly for aircons, they need to go through regular…

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