Aircon Steam Cleaning

All electrical appliances have a varied lifespan depending on its usage and how well it has been maintained. Similarly, air-conditioning units must be serviced regularly to improve its performance. Aircon steam cleaning is an advanced technique that uses jets of high-pressured steam to expel dirt in clogged areas, steaming hard-to-reach crevices and sterilises surfaces. Given its environmentally friendly nature, many of the environmentally conscious prioritise steam cleaning over other chemical methods.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Environmentally friendly: Water and electricity are the only ingredients required in the steam cleaning process. There are no harmful chemicals used at all. Furthermore, it does not take up much water to create sufficient amount of steam for cleaning large surfaces, which makes this form of servicing so eco-friendly.


Chemical-free cleaning: You can be assured that this non-abrasive steam cleaning process poses no risk of damages to your aircon units. When chemicals are used, though rare, there might be corrosion in the coil of your aircon unit or damage on the aluminium fins. Since there are no chemicals at all, steam cleaning is a more affordable  and gentle alternative to chemical washing.


Kills 99.9% of bacteria: The high-pressured steam enables the cleaning to cover every crook and cranny of the aircon unit, effectively destroying 99.9% of bacteria, bugs and other micro-organisms trapped within. The hot steam vapors also act as a softener for any grease that could bind dirt or debris onto the evaporator coils, which can then be easily removed. 


Better Indoor air: Steam cleaning has also been proven to be effective in combating unpleasant odors in your aircon by eliminating bacteria that reside in the coils. With regular scheduled steam cleaning, your aircon’s rate of air flow will also be improve, resulting in better performance and better air quality.


Dries quicker: The condensation created in the process of steam cleaning evaporates quicker due to residual heat, effectively reducing drying time and maximising efficiency. It also does not leave any chemicals or residue behind. 


How often should you steam clean your aircon?

Depending on your usage the ideal frequency would vary. E.g. for a typical aircon that runs about 8 hours each day, we would recommend steam cleaning once every 6 months. To avoid any risk damage to more sensitive equipment in the unit, you should contact a professional aircon technician who is experienced with steam cleaning and have the proper protective equipment to perform the job.

To sum it up, steam cleaning is a quick and non-abrasive method to give your aircon a good clean sanitization that dislodges dirt, exterminates bugs, and kills 99.9% of bacteria. One of the best benefits of steam cleaning is that you get to clean your aircon without harming the earth. If you are an eco-friendly person and have yet to try steam cleaning, you should give it a go and be amazed at what this modern advanced cleaning technique can do with the power of heat, pressure and water.


Here is a video below to show you what steam cleaning (step-by-step) is all about:




If you are still unsure if steam cleaning is right for you, or if any other forms of aircon servicing would be more appropriate, then feel free to consult us here.


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