If you are not a fan of Singapore’s hot and humid climate, there is a good chance that your aircon systems are the biggest energy users in your home. With summer being the only season all year round, optimal performance from your aircon is must-have to provide you the comfort that you desire. Here in this article, we will provide tips on helping you improve your aircon’s performance. First, we will look at some of the signs that may indicate inefficiencies in your aircon systems.

Telltale Signs That Your Aircon System May Not Be Efficient

Increased Electricity Bills

If your electricity bills increase while your home appliances usage has not changed, there is a chance that your aircon is not operating efficiently, consuming more energy to perform the same task. One sure way to tell for sure is to get a professional to inspect your aircon systems to check if everything is running smoothly.

Frequent Cycling of Aircon

The thermostat is the device that controls your aircon turning on and off, and if you notice that your system is cycling between on and off too often, you might want to get the thermostat checked. Wear and tear from heavy usage may cause the internal mechanism of your thermostat to malfunction, causing this issue.

Ice on Compressor

Do check on your compressor from time to time, and if you see ice starting to build up on your aircon unit, this is a major sign that you need professional repair help. Ice buildups can occur due to a coolant leak, damaged coils, or even dirty filters, all of which contributes to an inefficient aircon system.

Abnormal Sounds

All types of electrical appliances make their own type of unique noise when operating. However, if you hear anything out of the ordinary from your aircon system, such as buzzing sounds, it would be a good idea to shut it off completely and contact professional help to prevent any escalation of the issue. 


Tips and Ways to Improve Aircon’s Performance

Now that you know some of the symptoms of an inefficient aircon, here are some tips on how to prevent those issues and improve the performance of your aircon.

1.     Clean Your Air Filters

If you have not opened your aircon unit for a long time, your air filters will likely be filled with dust. Accumulated dust or debris restricts air flow which can hinder the efficiency of your aircon. Take some time to vacuum the air filters and give them a wash if you must. Once your air filters are free from any obstructions, air flow will improve, and you can feel the difference. You can watch our Simple DIY Aircon Filter Cleaning Tutorial video here.


2.     Seal Your Doors and Windows

Gaps in doors and windows in your room can lead to cool air escaping, rendering your aircon inefficient. Make sure to close your doors/windows and check for any gaps or openings that may allow air to leave. If you just want to air your room, be sure to turn off your aircon first before opening the doors or windows to prevent any wastage of cooled air.


3.     Clean Your Condenser Unit

Your condenser unit, which is the outdoor unit, can only perform at its best when it is free from any form of obstructions such as debris. Cleaning this may get very tricky given how most of us live in high-rise buildings, and so, it is best to leave this type of cleaning to the professionals to handle. With the professionals at work, you can guarantee your own safety while knowing your condenser will be cleaned with proper washing techniques.

4.     Keep Curtains or Blinds Closed

During the day, direct sunlight can enter your through the window which heats up the air in your room. By keeping your curtains/blinds closed, you can prevent the internal air from heating up so your aircon does not need to work twice as hard. Even when you leave home for work in the morning, you can keep the curtains/blinds closed so your room can stay cool throughout the day as well.

5.     Scheduled Maintenance on a Regular Basis

The best way to ensure that your aircon systems are running at its peak all year long is to have a scheduled maintenance on the regular basis with professionals performing proper servicing on your aircon systems. This includes the cleaning of various aircon parts, e.g. filters, pipes, vents, and checking on your condenser and compressor for potential issues as a form of preventive measure. With regular cleaning and active preventive measures, your aircon is poised to run smoothly with optimal performance throughout the year.

6.     Aircon Location

This is a factor usually to be considered before you install the aircon. A good aircon contractor would have analyzed and factored in these considerations before proposing an appropriate location for your aircon unit. One of the factors involves being placed under well-shaded areas – by placing your aircon and condenser unit at locations that avoid direct sunlight, it protects the system from the additional heat and minimizes the workload. Another important factor when it comes to aircon location is to ensure there are no surrounding obstructions restricting the aircon’s airflow, especially if you have tall items such as plants near the aircon vents.

7.     Clear Hot Air Accumulated

If the room had been exposed by sunlight, you can consider allowing the hot air to escape first. You can do so by opening the windows and switching on the fan for 15 minutes before turning on the air-conditioner. With fresh cooler air in the room, your room will be cooled in a shorter time using less energy, and as a result, improve the cooling ability.

8.     Use A Fan to Speed Up the Cooling Process

When you first turn on the aircon, you can on your fan for the first 15 minutes to help circulate the cool air and improve the cooling process. Most homes would have either a ceiling/standing fan available to help with the air circulations. Try this tip and watch in wonder how fast your room cools.

There you have it, 8 ways to help you improve your aircon’s performance throughout the year. Following these tips will help to save on your aircon bills as well. One thing for certain is that if you are ever unsure of what to do, your best option is to contact professional help and let them do what they do best and giving you a peace of mind.