Aircon Chemical Overhaul may sometimes be referred to as Chemical Wash or Chemical cleaning. Essential what Chemical Overhaul means is that your air-conditioning system goes through a chemical cleansing process, where strong chemical agents are used to rid of difficult to clean bits, to turn your aircon to as good as new again.


Chemical wash/overhaul is also our current most comprehensive service for cleaning your aircon. As the name suggests, chemical overhaul offers your aircon the deepest cleanse, getting rid of the most stubborn stains, dirt, and bacteria with the use of chemical agents. Does your aircon need a chemical overhaul? In this article, we will explain the benefits of a chemical overhaul and give you the information you need to make the decision.


Why is cleaning and maintenance important for your aircon?

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Do you know the average aircon’s efficiency drops by about 5% each year without any proper maintenance? A good question to ask yourself is when you last serviced your air-con units. 


If the answer is more than a year ago, the following bits of information will definitely be of use to you. Many aircon issues stem from the lack of maintenance, which can include weaker cooling performance, increased bills, overflowing water pipes and build-up of mold/bacteria that will then go into the air you breathe.


If these issues are allowed to compound, by the time you call for a general servicing of your aircon units, it might not be enough to solve the issue – that is where chemical overhaul comes in.



How does chemical wash work?

This process involves a full strip down of the aircon unit. The unit will be dismantled to reveal the aluminum coils, all allowable components are then coated with a chemical solution that helps to dislodge dirt, grime, bacteria and molds from all nooks and crannies within the system that would otherwise be trapped. Since your aircon will be fully stripped down and re-assembled, getting a reputable aircon contractor would be highly recommended. This complete cleanse helps to optimize the cooling ability of your unit and help get rid of odours. 


Here is the full scope of our chemical overhaul:

        Dismantling of entire Fan Coil Unit (FCU) from the wall

        Dismantling of electronic control and drainage device

        Chemical overhaul of FCU and aircon parts

        Servicing/ Vacuuming of drainage system

        Charging of refrigerant (limited to 10 PSI per system)

        Checking of controls and thermostats

        Commissioning and test run of system



What are the benefits of chemical wash or overhaul?

Improves Air Quality

Get rid of built-up mold and bacteria in the unit so you can enjoy clean fresh air circulating throughout your home.

Improves Aircon Lifespan

With proper maintenance, you will prolong the lifespan of your aircon especially if you are heavy on your aircon usage. A typical aircon system lasts between 8 – 12 years depending on your maintenance schedule.

Improves Performance and Efficiency

Once your aircon is free of buildup from dirt and particles, it will be running as good as new with optimal performance.

Save On Bills

An efficient aircon will lead to less electricity usage, which in turn saves on your electricity bills. Also, you would be less worried on the cost of repairs if you regularly maintain your aircon.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your aircon is as good as new will let you enjoy the comfort of your home in peace. Any possibility of a breakdown is the last thing you would want in a hot and humid country like Singapore.


Does your aircon need a chemical overhaul?


Here is a list of signs that your aircon tells you a chemical overhaul could be needed:

          Aircon not cold: Possibly ice accumulated in the condenser.

          Aircon slow to cool the room: Potential accumulation of dirt in the system.

          Aircon leaking or spraying water in certain cases: Due to a choked coil

          Bad and smelly odor: Accumulation of bacteria in the fan coil unit.

          Noisy aircon: Due to a clogged aircon system.


If you face any of the potential issues above, an aircon chemical overhaul may do the trick for you. Chemical overhaul is usually recommended for those of you who have not done any maintenance work in a long time, or when general aircon servicing has no effect on the issue at hand. Choosing chemical overhaul is an option to bring you a peace of mind when it comes to your aircon systems. It is the most comprehensive and effective cleaning service available and helps bring back the efficiency of your air-con unit.