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Our Professional Aircon Technicians with Over 20+ Years of Experience can help you inspect, troubleshoot and repair your air-conditioners. It can be really difficult to find out what is wrong with the aircon with so many connected parts that it will be almost impossible for a layman to figure out the root cause of any issue. From the indoor air-conditioning unit to the outdoor compressor aircon unit, there are multiple areas to inspect to detect any faults.



Having trouble with your air-conditioning? It’s not uncommon to run into issues with your air-conditioning as all machines have wear and tear as time passes. 

The following are some of the problems you might face with your own air-conditioning system.

Air-conditioning issues can be a huge inconvenience, so let our team of aircon experts with over 20+ years of experience assess your situation and offer you the best aircon repair or replacement solutions. The typical aircon lifespan is about 8 years and we highly recommend our clients to service their aircon regularly to ensure that things are working in tip-top condition. Do give us a quick understanding of your aircon issue and model when contacting us. You can also WhatsApp a picture and a description of your aircon problem to 93836574 where we will advise accordingly and send an aircon repair team down asap if required.

Prices are net

We have no “additional charges”, no hidden fees, and are 100% transparent with all our clients for all our aircon services, including aircon repairs.

Repair or Replacement for your faulty air-conditioner?

When your aircon stops working do not panic and try to conduct basic troubleshooting: Checking of remote batteries, checking if the switch is turned on, or observe any abnormal sounds of behaviour your aircon is making. Take note of anything unusual and contact us with these information, or even WhatsApp a picture over. This will allow our aircon repair technicians to be aware of the situation and they will be able to prepare themselves before coming down for an inspection.


An aircon can cease to function or operate abnormally due to many reasons, ranging from dust or dirt clogged up or having a single faulty part. Fixing a faulty aircon can be as affordable as paying a couple of hundred dollars for a chemical wash to fully give the systems a deep cleaning. However, in many cases where a major component has malfunctioned, repairing the aircon can be costly where the price of a proper repair can go beyond half a new aircon’s price. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, if your aircon’s repair cost is 50% or more than what a new aircon would cost, it would be highly recommended for you to get a replacement instead. The average lifespan of an aircon is 8 years, and the age of your aircon should be taken into account as well when considering the costs whether it is more worth to repair or replace the system.

Let us know the aircon issues you are facing and
our team of aircon experts will advise you at the earliest!

Let us know the aircon issues you are facing and our team of aircon experts will advise you at the earliest!

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