Is your aircon leaking water? The most common reason that causes your aircon to drip water is due to a clogged drain line. When significant dust or dirt accumulate in the drainage pipes, water has nowhere else to go and therefore will start to drip over the sides. Besides a clogged drainage, there are 6 other possible reasons that can cause your aircon to leak water as well.


Disclaimer: If you are attempting any troubleshooting or inspection yourself, please make sure that you are confident and know how the aircon systems function. Do remember to first turn off all air-conditioning systems in your home for safety reasons. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with how air-conditioners work, please proceed to call for professional help instead. 


6 Other Possible Reasons for Your Aircon Leaking Water

Air Leakage

Do check around the aircon vents to see if there are any air leakages other than from the aircon vent grates. This type of air leakage can cause hot and cold air to mix, triggering condensation in the wrong areas which causes water to form, resulting in water dripping. Fixing this issue is as simple as sealing the areas with air leaks.


Dirty/Blocked Aircon Filter

Another possibility for a leaking aircon could be due to a dirty and blocked air filter. This traps the air around the evaporator coils that freezes over, where ice will form. When heat from the outside air cause the ice to melt, water will start to accumulate and eventually leads to an aircon leakage. To prevent this, you can regularly check and clean your aircon filters or simply arrange for an aircon servicing session with us.


Broken Pump

Located below the cooling coil is your aircon’s condensation pump. If your aircon’s pump is broken, the water from the overflow pan will not be able to reach the drain line and eventually, the excess water will begin to leak from your aircon. To find out if this is the cause of the leakage, you must first inspect your drain line and ensure that it is clear, and nothing is obstructing or blocking it. Once that is done, you can pour water down to the overflow pan and test if the pump is working properly. If the water is not drained, then your pump is likely to be faulty and you will need to contact an aircon professional to assess the situation for you.


Aircon Condenser Coil (Outdoor Unit) Leaking

Outside of your home there is an aircon unit, called a condenser unit, which comprises of a compressor, the condenser coil, and a blower fan. Given the nature of an outdoor environment, your condenser unit is likely to accumulate debris, dust, and grime, or even damaged by an external object or having a small object getting stuck, which can result in a blockage. If you happen to notice or suspect that there is a leakage that concerns your outdoor unit, you should seek professional aircon help where they will conduct an inspection in a safe and professional manner.


Improper Installation

If you have recently had your aircon installed and are experiencing water leaks, then it is likely an incorrect installation problem rather than an issue with any of your air-conditioner parts. You will need to check if the aircon is installed properly on a flat surface and if it leveled evenly so that the drain line will work properly, otherwise the water from the overflow pan would leak. The easiest solution to this is to contact the contractor that installed your air-conditioner for you. A reliable aircon contractor for aircon installations would return and ensure that everything is in working order and properly installed in your home – or at least that is something we would do.


Lack of a Proper Maintenance Schedule

As with all types of equipment and appliances, the better maintenance care you provide, the longer the lifespan extends. The same goes with air-conditioners, where if you take good care and service your aircon on a regular basis, you can prevent various problematic issues from happening, or at least detect early symptoms before any major incidents happen. You should check and clean your aircon regularly and make arrangements with a reliable aircon contractor for aircon servicing at scheduled intervals. There are 3 main types of services available: general servicing, steam cleaning and chemical overhaul. Depending on the condition of your aircon, for example, if your aircon has not been serviced for more than a year, you might need a chemical overhaul instead of a general servicing. Do check with the professional technician for their recommendations as well.





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