You have seen phrases such as “Aircon System 3” or “Aircon System 4” when looking around online for new aircon installations. What do these systems and these number actually mean? In this article, we will break it down to make it easy and simple to understand these air-conditioning system terminologies. 


Single-split VS Multi-split Aircon Sytems

Your air-conditioning system is split between two functioning units – one outdoors and one indoors. The outdoor unit, also known as the compressor unit, main role is to conduct the refrigerant process (to make your room cold) and to expel out the hot air. Did you know that technically, air-conditioning systems are more of removing existing heat than increasing cold air? Therefore, that is the role of the outdoor unit, and an example picture is shown below.

The indoor unit is probably much more familiar to everyone as you would have at least seen one before – an example picture is shown below.


What the indoor unit does is that it absorbs heat from within your room, and passes the heat to the outdoor unit, where the refrigeration process repeats until your room is cooled to your desired temperature.


As you can see, the air-conditioning system works in this manner, where the outdoor unit works together with the indoor unit, and this is called a “Split System”, where the system is split into outdoor and indoor units. A single-split system would refer to 1 outdoor unit connected to 1 indoor unit. Whereas a multi-split system refers to 1 outdoor unit connected to 2 or more indoor units.


Therefore, when someone mentions System 3 or System 4, what they are actually referring to, is a multi-split system connected to either 3 (system 3) or 4 (system 4) indoor units.




How do Split Systems Matter?

Before buying a new air-conditioning system, you will first need to evaluate what are your requirements? If you are looking to just cool only one room, a single-split system where the outdoor unit is smaller and uses less power would be sufficient. This usually will help you save costs too. However, if you are looking to power multiple rooms for air-conditioning, then you will require an outdoor unit that can support a multi-split system.

Outdoor units that support multi-split systems are generally bigger and more powerful, which will naturally consume more energy as well. Other factors that have to be considered also include pipe length between the outdoor and indoor units, and the location of installation, and more etc. Therefore, before any installation, a professional aircon technician will head down physically for an inspection first to ensure that the aircon installation choices are optimally efficient and for the installation to be conducted smoothly.



Looking for a New Aircon Installation?

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