It is almost time to say goodbye to the Year of the Tiger (2022), and usher in the Year of the Rabbit from 22nd January, the start of Chinese New Year 2023. On most zodiac cycles, the lunar new year usually falls in February. However, for 2023, the cycle starts earlier in January and therefore, preparations must be made in advance. In this article, we will explain the traditions of cleaning and preparing your space to usher in the Lunar New Year. We will also showcase what you can do for your air-conditioners to get them cleaned and fresh before 22nd January!

Chinese New Year Traditions – Cleaning/Sweeping Bad Luck

Cleaning the entire house (including your air-conditioners) is a yearly tradition before the Lunar New Year to see the “old year” out and welcome the luck and prosperity of the new year.


The word “dust” in Chinese is Chen (), a homophone for old, and by giving your place a thorough cleaning, it symbolizes the sweeping away of any misfortune or traces of bad luck from 2022 and getting the home ready to receive all the good luck from the year of the rabbit 2023.


Do note that the cleaning tradition must be conducted BEFORE Chinese New Year (22nd January 2023), so do plan, and allocate your time wisely, especially if you are getting contractors or helpers whom would likely have full schedules this time of year.

 How to conduct basic cleaning of your air-conditioner

If you have just 20 minutes, you can do some simple cleaning for your own air-conditioner:


The video covers a basic cleaning process that most laymen with no technical knowledge can accomplish. The basic cleaning only covers the air filters, drain pipes and the outer cover of the air-conditioning unit. These parts are easy to remove with the instructions being relatively straightforward. 

However, if you are looking to clean beyond the basics of the aircon, such as the blower unit (where most of the dust usually gathers), then you may need to contact a professional to do it for you. For any layman to learn how to dismantle, clean with proper equipment (e.g. brush, vacuum, sprays), and to put the aircon back together as well, it may take several hours. Whereas a professional can get things done efficiently within 30 minutes or so.



Chinese New Year 2023 – Aircon Cleaning Packages (Edit: CNY 2023 is Over, PROMO IS OVER – wait for our CNY2024 promo instead)