Air-conditioning systems have been around for decades and with modern technology, you can even be alerted when your aircon is due for cleaning. With the vast amounts of do-it-yourself aircon cleaning information available online, the question is: Do you really need any professional servicing help at all?  Find out more below as we discuss the main considerations behind aircon servicing.


When does your aircon need servicing?

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, one of the main reasons for servicing your aircon systems is to maintain its functional integrity and to detect early signs of malfunction that could be potentially costly to fix. While there are no strict rules to the frequency of aircon servicing, there are some guidelines to follow depending on your aircon usage and its environment.


The more hours your aircon runs per day, the more frequently you will need to have servicing performed. For example, if you are running it for more than 8 hours a day, you will likely need to maintain and service it every 3-4 months to ensure an optimal system. Otherwise, if you are using it to cool your room just a few hours each night, then servicing once or twice a year would suffice.


The environment is also a factor for consideration depending on where your aircon unit is located. If the outdoor unit is facing dusty areas such as construction sites or busy roads, chances are that you will need to clean and service it every 3 months. Likewise, for the internal unit, if your room is often dusty or if you use humidifiers/vaporizers that release fine particles such as essential oils into the air, servicing every 3-4 months would be recommended. Whereas if both units are in a generally clean environment, once or twice a year would be sufficient.


Therefore, with a consideration of both usage and environment, you can decide how often you would want to service your aircon, balancing these factors to maintain integrity performance of your aircon and taking active preventive measures against potential issues that may otherwise result in costly repairs.



What will happen if you do not service your aircon?

Dust can start to accumulate in your aircon filters and coil which causes your aircon systems to work harder than usual. Gunk or mold might build up in your drainage systems and cooling cool which can restrict and obstruct water flow and cooling capacity. You may not experience the direct impact of these immediately, but allowing these issues to compound over a period of time, they will lead to further complications such as insufficient cooling, or aircon leaking, etc. On top of that, your energy bills will increase and the aircon will be circulating unhealthy air as the air flows through the filters which are filled with dust, mold and possibly bacteria. This might affect the residents of the area and might lead to undesired complications, especially those with asthma and eczema conditions.



Is DIY cleaning/servicing sufficient?

Even though there are tons of online resources that can help to teach you how to do your own DIY cleaning and servicing for your aircon, the cleaning you can do on your own is mostly superficial.


Professional servicing on the other hand utilizes specialized and advanced tools that are not easily accessible to the layman. A knowledgeable technician will be able to give your aircon unit a more effective and thorough check and servicing. For example, they would inspect the tightness of the refrigerant circuit to confirm any leaking issues, conduct installation inspections, cleaning of the condenser (outdoor) unit and also do a thorough cleaning of the internal and outer aircon units with specialized chemicals involved. With their experience, they can easily detect potential issues or complications through their inspection.



Does your aircon really need professional servicing?

You should always assess your aircon’s situation first before deciding what to do. Generally, the best option would be to combine both professional servicing and DIY cleaning together. On a bi-monthly basis, come up with your own schedule to vacuum your filters and clean the aircon. Depending on how fast the dirt and dust accumulates, you can adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly. Whereas for professional cleaning and inspection, you can schedule servicing at least twice a year, or more if your usage is heavy. Aircon technicians not only help to service the aircons, but also inspect and help detect early problems before they become complicated issues that may be costly. Therefore, servicing may save you money in the long run. One more thing to note is that if you have not cleaned your aircon in ages (for more than a year), you can consider a chemical overhaul treatment for your aircon system which is the deepest cleansing service your aircon can get.


With newer features and technological upgrades to the air-con system, getting a professional down to have a look can also help clear any doubts you have on maximizing those functions too.


Overall, a combination of both self-cleaning and professional servicing will keep your aircon at optimal performance all year round and help you save on your bills. Just remember “prevention is always better than cure”, if you are unsure of what you are doing, just contact the professionals.