Most Singapore residents will tell you that living without air-conditioning here is almost impossible – the hot and humid climate makes it sweaty and uncomfortable, which makes the aircon an essential tool for day-to-day life. However, as with most appliances, an aircon can be subjected to wear and tear over years of usage, and certain aircon parts deteriorate faster over time and may cause your aircon to malfunction. Most of the time, before your aircon systems come to a complete halt, there will be telltale warning signs that ranges from abnormal aircon noises, to aircon leaking or things factors such as aircon not cold, or not cooling the room quickly enough. These are just some early symptoms to tell you that your aircon is sick and requires an inspection, and if need be, an air conditioning repair service. First, let us look at the common signs that tells you an aircon repair Singapore is needed.


 Common Signs Telling You That You Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service 

Aircon Noisy

 There are several types of abnormal noises which can give you a good indication of the issue your aircon is facing:

         If you hear a humming or buzzing sound, it could mean that either significant dirt has accumulated or the internal parts of the aircon has lost its alignment.

        Any banging or clanking noises suggests that one or more of the moving parts is likely to be loose or broken inside your aircon compressor unit, such as the crankshaft, or connecting rod that is between the fans.

         If you hear a continuous clicking sound from your aircon, it could signal a failing thermostat, defective electrical control board or wiring.

       Fan and blower may create squealing noises through the duct system. Indoor blower motors or outdoor fan motors makes a loud squealing sound when something is not right. For some air-conditioning units, some squealing sounds made upon start-up is considered normal. It is the loud and prolonged squealing sounds that you will have to take note of.

        Rattling sounds could mean a variety of things. It may be due to shift in the positioning of your compressor – solving this is as simple as realigning it. Rattling can also signal that some parts in your aircon are loose, or that external debris such as leaves, or twigs have managed to get clogged into your system. It may also be a rattling sound coming from the fan when it is loose.


Aircon not cold

One of the most obvious signs that tells you to replace your aircon is when it loses its ability to cool the room. However, you should always look at it on a case-by-case basis whether it has been properly serviced and maintained before deciding to repair or replace. A well maintained aircon can last over 10 years and you should replace the aircon when it has reached the end of its lifespan. Some commons issues that require an aircon repair Singapore when your aircon is not cold may be due to a blocked or frozen condenser, leaking refrigerant or even a broken thermostat. Once an inspection has been properly conducted during your aircon repair Singapore, then you will be able to better pinpoint and resolve the issue.


Aircon leaking/dripping water

Aircon leaking water can be simply due to a dirty aircon filter, or even more complicated causes such as a broken water pump, or even an improper installation. What you can do on your end is to check that the air filters are cleaned and unobstructed while checking that the system has no visible broken parts before calling in a professional for an air conditioning repair service in Singapore.


System keeps running or short-cycling

A normal aircon would have an on-and-off cycle to maintain the temperature on its given settings. If you notice that your aircon either runs continuously for long without cooling the place, or randomly switches itself off, then there is a high possibility that your aircon is faulty. There could be many different reasons for this ranging from as simple as a blown fuse or even to serious equipment failure. It would be best for you to call a technician to have it checked.


Aircon light keeps blinking

If you ever see the light blinking on your air-conditioner, it is their way of saying “something is wrong, help me!”. Depending on the model and brand of your aircon, the blinking lights or remote control will signal a specific code to tell you what is wrong. You might want to retrieve the manual that came with your aircon to decode the signals. Common problems associated with blinking lights can arise from having a defective part in the equipment or circuit board, having a maintenance or even a filter alert, or it could be a serious issue such as low refrigerant or a compressor failure. By conducting basic troubleshooting early, you will be able to locate the issue and then decide whether to contact a professional for an air conditioning repair service.


Aircon not turning on

Usually when your aircon refuses to turn on, it means that a serious issue lies within the aircon systems – it could be a faulty motor, faulty compressor, or even wiring issues. What you can try to do is to restart the power outlet and try again. Check for any visible abnormalities on your indoor and outdoor units, and if everything appears to be normal, contact a technician right away for an air conditioning repair service. This would probably be something only aircon repair Singapore professionals can help safely by inspecting your aircon units with the right tools. 



How does Infinity Air’s air conditioning repair service work?

Here at Infinity Air, our aircon repair Singapore professional technicians will first be in contact – either over the phone, through email, or WhatsApp to hear and understand more about your situation. If the team suspects that it is a minor issue and can be resolved easily, you may be guided and advised over the phone on simple troubleshooting techniques. If it still does not resolve the matter, the aircon repair Singapore team will be down onsite for an inspection.


Onsite Inspection

Bringing our usual toolkit and equipment, the air conditioning repair service technicians will come down for a site visit and look at your aircon. Troubleshooting in person will enable the team to have a full grasp of what is happening to advise on the next action. If there are further complications, a 2nd visit might be required to bring in advanced equipment or even a new aircon unit down if a replacement is necessary. Liaising face-to-face during the onsite inspection makes it easier to explain the issues your aircon is facing, and to convey the full message of the air conditioning repair service recommendations.


Aircon Repair Service Price

For an onsite inspection trip, the booking fee is S$60.00 for typical residences which acts as a form of deposit. This fee is required for us to continue to feed our workers for their effort and time to conduct an inspection. Once the inspection is completed and a recommended action with a quote is offered, the S$60.00 booking fee will be waived/deducted from the quote for your aircon repair Singapore.





Previous Aircon Repair/Replacement Projects


Replacement @ Changi North

Replacement @ Changi North

Back at Changi North, a 10HP ducted unit had to be replaced. 10HP in simple layman terms means about 90,000 BTU or 10 times the cooling capacity of a normal residential room aircon. The height of the aircon was at about 8-10 meters and we had to use a special type of forklift to reach those heights. Looking down from that height may give an individual sweaty palms or cause one to become nervous. This is why ample training is required to accustom technicians to be safe and condition them to be confident to work in such environments.
Repair of VRF systems

Repair of VRF Systems

Occasionally we receive urgent requests from the Tuas area as many production plants are situated there. Air-conditioning often plays a huge role in the production process to regulate temperature for specific products and it can be very costly if the temperature level fluctuates inconsistently even for a day. This time around, an aircon system in a plant seems to be faulty and we had to troubleshoot a brand of VRF that even the most experienced on-site technician is not familiar with. VRF systems can be very complicated and the way the system operates differs from brand to brand. Our head technician had to step in to save the day, and with his valuable years of experience, he managed to trace the issue to a single faulty component and the rest became history. We managed to resolve and resume their production operations back to normal in a short time period, minimizing the potentially costly damages. Turns out in some cases, turning on the aircon saves you more money instead.
Urgent Troubleshooting

Urgent Troubleshooting

Throwback to Chinese New Year back in 2020 where an urgent case activated our team. Despite being an important holiday to many of the team members, our team managed to rushed down to Tuas within a few hours. We had to troubleshoot their aircon issues immediately because it couldn’t wait a day longer due to it affecting their operations in commercial production.

What we discovered was a failure of the compressor unit. Knowing our client’s operations are at stake, we improvised quick on our feet and configured the condenser to run at a lower efficiency to temporarily minimize disruptions. This bought sufficient time to proceed with our recommendation to replace the compressor a couple days later.

We have been really thankful to have such a committed team and are proud to say that we truly are giving our best to each and everyone who approaches us for help.


Why choose Infinity Air’s Aircon Repair Singapore Team?

With almost 20 years of industry experience perform aircon installations, servicing to even air conditioning repair service or replacements, Infinity Air has made its mark to be one of Singapore’s top and most trusted aircon solutions provider. With a proven track record in this field, many of our customers regularly return to us for our consistent services. By performing all our job activities by our in-house technicians, the team here at Infinity Air manages to provide consistency, reliable and quality services for all our customers. To put the icing on the cake, we even provide a 30-day warranty on all our aircon services.


You can even check how responsive we are by contacting us to enquire for any of our aircon services. On top of air conditioning repair service, we also conduct aircon installation, servicing, and replacements. Feel free to consult us over the phone and we will be happy to do our best to perform our role as one of the best aircon repair Singapore team in this industry.