Having a faulty aircon can only add more heat to your frustration especially when you are in Singapore. The natural humid weather and unbearable high temperatures can easily cause a lot of discomfort in your life. Thankfully with air-conditioning, you can avoid the heat and stay comfortable indoors. However, when your aircon breaks down or stops operating normally, you might have to face the discomfort of the natural weather once more. Here in this article, we will provide you tips and tricks to stay cool while waiting for your aircon to be repaired – which could range from a few hours to even a week.

Faulty Aircon is Working Intermittently 

Consider yourself more fortunate than those who are unable to even boot up their aircon. If your aircon is working intermittently, then likely there is a faulty part that obstructs the aircon’s operations mid-way. At any signs of a malfunction, you should call your aircon repair professional as soon as possible to avoid any escalation of the problem – e.g., forcing a faulty part to work may cause unintentional damage to other aircon parts. Therefore, you should try to use your aircon sparingly as much as possible. For example, turning it on for the first 2 hours of your bedtime with a timer to turn it off. This way, you will still be able to fall asleep comfortably and lighten your aircon’s workload while waiting for a repair.



Faulty Aircon is Not Working Completely

Your aircon is completely busted and is unable to function properly at all. Most people wait until their aircon reaches this stage before they call their aircon repair professional for help. Please keep in mind that before an aircon ceases to function, there are usually symptoms or telltale signs such as abnormal sounds, or leakages, before the aircon totally stops working. The earlier the issue is being identified, the easier it is to rectify the problem which could be as simple as replacement a part of the aircon. When your aircon completely stops working, there is a chance that you may need to replace the entire aircon which can be costly. While waiting for your aircon to be repaired, here are some tips to stay cool:


Use a fan: Having a good flow of air circulation helps to feel a little cooler. Fans cannot cool the air but can only circulate the air around. Something creative you can do is to place a large bowl of ice in front of the fan, and this will circulate colder air around the room.


Open your doors and windows: Without an aircon, closing the doors and windows will only make your room stuffy and hot. Keep them opened for natural air circulation that will help to make you feel cooler.


Turn off electrical appliances: All electrical devices generate heat, especially light bulbs. If you have any non-essential electrical appliance left on around, you can switch them off to not only save power, but also save you from the unnecessary heat that is being generated. You will be surprised how the little things can add up to accumulate heat in your room.


Hang damp towels: The idea is similar to using a fan and a bowl of ice – just that this time round you will be using towels that have been soaked with cold water, then squeeze them until they are damp and not dripping wet. Hang these towels at your window area where the natural breeze can come in, where you will feel much cooler air thanks to the wet towels.


Soak your feet in cold water: Surely when you feel hot and uncomfortable, you can take a cold shower. However, doing that all day may not be very feasible. An alternative you can do is to soak your feet in cold water, and you will be amazed at how your body cools down with this simple tip. If you have health conditions that may be triggered by extreme temperatures, then please take note and keep the water temperature to a comfortable and safe cool level.


Stay hydrated: Drink lots of cold water, juices, or any cold drinks that you enjoy. They help to keep your body cool on the inside and it is also healthy to drink more water. If you have cold foods available too you can eat them as well to lower your body temperature. It gives you a good excuse to get your favourite ice cream tub. 


Cover your windows during the day: During the day when the sun is up, rays of sunlight may be entering into your place and this generates a lot of heat. Where possible, cover your windows with a curtain or blinds, or whatever you can find to block out the sun. If your curtains are thing, you can consider upgrading them to a thicker version where they will be more effective in blocking out light.


Now that you have learnt several tips to stay cool while waiting for your aircon to be repaired, why not use them too even when your aircon is working properly. You can save on energy bills by reducing aircon usage when it is not necessary. Here at Infinity Air, we prioritize our aircon repairs so that you won’t have to wait too long for your aircon fix. One final tip is to have your aircon serviced regularly to keep them in tiptop condition and detect any potential problems early.


Have an aircon that needs to be repaired, serviced or replaced? Infinity Air will be happy to help. If you are unsure of what you need, you can contact us first and describe your issue where we can properly provide advice. If you are ready to book an appointment, you can head over to our booking page and select your preferable timeslots for us to come over for a visit.