In the sweltering heat and humidity of Singapore, a malfunctioning air conditioner can quickly turn your living space into an uncomfortable sauna. When faced with a sudden breakdown of your aircon system, it is crucial to know how to respond promptly and efficiently to restore your cooling comfort. In this guide, we will explore the steps and considerations to take when dealing with emergency air conditioner repairs.


1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation:

The first reaction to a malfunctioning air conditioner is often frustration, especially in the heat of Singapore. However, it is essential to try your best to stay calm and assess the situation logically. Check for any obvious signs of trouble, such as strange noises, leaks, or a complete lack of airflow.


2. Switch Off the Aircon Unit:

If you notice anything unusual or suspect a problem, the immediate step is to turn off the air conditioner. This prevents further damage and reduces the risk of electrical issues. Unplug the unit if possible and wait for a while before attempting any troubleshooting.


3. Check for Basic Issues:

Sometimes, the issue may be minor and easily fixable. Check if the thermostat is set correctly, the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, and the air filter is clear, etc. Clogged filters are a common cause of reduced airflow and can lead to freezing or overheating of the system.


4. Contact a Professional Repair Service:

In Singapore’s climate, where air conditioning is more of a necessity than a luxury, it’s advisable to contact a professional aircon repair service promptly. Look for a service provider with a proven track record and positive reviews.


5. Provide Detailed Information:

When contacting a technician, provide as much detailed information as possible. Describe the symptoms, when the issue started, and any unusual sounds or smells. This information will help the technician assess the situation more accurately. You can also help to take pictures and send it over easily via Whatsapp. Normally, the technician will also follow up with more questions to get an idea of the issue before coming down for a visit.


6. Understand the Common Issues:

Familiarize yourself with common air conditioner issues in Singapore. These may include refrigerant leaks, compressor failures, electrical problems, or issues with the condenser or evaporator coils. Knowing the possibilities can help you communicate effectively with the repair technician.


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7. Prepare for the Technician’s Visit:

Clear the area around the air conditioner to provide easy access for the aircon repair technician. Be prepared to answer questions about the aircon unit’s maintenance history and any previous known issues. Every bit of information aids in a quicker diagnosis, which will help you get your aircon fixed quicker.


8. Consider a Regular Maintenance Plan:

Prevention is often the best cure. Consider signing up for a regular aircon servicing plan to catch potential issues before they become emergencies. Regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your unit and reduce the likelihood of sudden breakdowns.


9. Stay Informed About Your Aircon Warranty:

If your air conditioner is still under warranty, be sure to check the terms and conditions. Some warranties may cover your repairs depending on what is the issue, saving you from unexpected costs.


10. Keeping Cool While Waiting for Repairs

While you wait for the aircon repair technician troubleshoot – which could vary between a few hours to even a few days, there are other ways to keep cool without using your air conditioner. Simply visit our article here to learn more:



Facing an air conditioner breakdown in the heat of Singapore can be a challenging experience, but with the right approach, it can be manageable. By staying calm, turning off the unit, and contacting a professional repair service promptly, you can navigate the situation effectively. Providing detailed information, understanding common issues, and preparing for the technician visit are key steps in resolving the problem swiftly.


With the unpredictable nature of air conditioner breakdowns, having a trusted repair service is essential. At Infinity Air, we understand the urgency of emergency aircon repairs in Singapore. With over 20+ years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to ensure your cooling comfort is restored promptly. Contact us today via Whatsapp +65 9383 6574 for reliable and efficient aircon repair services. Drop us a message with your issue or with a picture and let us know how we can help.