Used second-hand air-conditioners can be refurbished and utilize again as a cost-effective way of having an air-conditioning system. Can a refurbished aircon be as good as new? Why should I buy a second-hand aircon? How does a used aircon get refurbished in good order? Here in this article, we explore all the answers to the various questions regarding refurbished second-hand air-conditioners.


 Why choose a second hand aircon?

First, we should look at the reasons why you want to look at the refurbished aircon list in the first place:


          Quality aircons at affordable prices: Branded air-conditioners that are reputable for their performance, durability and features are known to be costly for a fresh new installation. By getting a second-hand aircon, you are effectively cutting up to half the cost at the expense of a few years of aircon lifespan.

          Cost-effective for servicing in the long-term: Most of the refurbished aircons will be from popular brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic and more. As a result of their popularity, the second-hand parts are also more readily available to replace when their time is up.

          Environmentally friendly: By reusing useable parts that would have otherwise been disposed, you will be reducing the carbon footprint by reducing waste, and hence, contributing a part in saving the earth.

          3 months warranty: You can have a peace of mind that there will be a 3-month warranty that comes with our refurbished aircon units, which covers mainly the aircon parts and labour. In the case where the defect is beyond repair economically, we will replace the air-conditioning unit with a similar one accordingly.




Should I get a refurbished second-hand aircon?

It really depends on your current and future living situation on a case-by-case basis. Commonly, the groups that will usually choose to buy and install a refurbished 2nd hand aircon are the following:


          Temporary offices: A new aircon that is well-maintained typically can last over 10 years. If your office is rented, or temporary, then it does not make sense to take up the full cost of a new installation. Therefore, choosing a refurbished aircon makes more sense economically.

          Industrial areas: Usually industrial areas are much larger compared to normal commercial offices or residential buildings. A larger area will require a lot more air-conditioning in terms of both powerful performance and number of aircon units. It is way more cost-effective to install refurbished aircons in these areas especially if there are budget constraints.


          Rental rooms/Waiting to sell a house: If you are staying in a location for the short-term only, then it would make economic sense to choose refurbished used second-hand air-conditioners.


How does a used aircon turn into a refurbished aircon unit?

Not all used air-conditioners are in the condition to be refurbished. We have our own set of criteria to assess a used aircon unit’s eligibility, by making sure that it is still functional and will continue to operate, to result in a refurbished aircon unit ready to be used.


Normally, new homeowners may install a new air-conditioner in their new flat and forgo their existing aircon unit in their previous home. There are also cases where homeowners who are doing a full renovation of their house decide to replace their existing working air-conditioners with newer models. These used air-conditioning units may still in good condition, or they have only been used for a few years, which makes these types of used aircon units eligible to be refurbished.


Our process here at Infinity Air is to take back these used aircon units to our headquarters to begin the refurbishment process:


1)      Qualification and pre-testing of used air-conditioner and its parts: We will do a full quality check on the aircon unit and test its components to ensure that it is of working condition. For parts that have been defective, we will replace them accordingly.


2)      Deep chemical cleansing: By performing a chemical overhaul, which is the deepest cleaning service we provide, we ensure that the aircon unit is properly rid of most stubborn stains, dirt, and bacteria with the use of chemical agents. If you are not sure what a chemical overhaul is, then you can check out our blog article on aircon chemical overhaul where we go through in detail the benefits of a chemical wash and how it works.


3)      Final testing and storing: We will conduct a final test and inspection at our workshop to ensure that everything is in working order before storing of the aircon unit.


How much does a refurbished aircon cost? How much can I save from choosing a second hand aircon instead of a new installation?

The estimated price range of refurbished aircons, that includes installations, are as follows:

Refurbished Aircon Systems Price Range

System 1: $600 -$1200

System 2: $1000 – $1600

System 3: $1400 – $1900

System 4: $1600 – $2200

Estimated Cost Savings

There are many factors that affect the pricing of a new air-conditioner and the installation process, such as the aircon model, materials used, system type, place of installation, etc. A cost savings ballpark amount would be approximately $500 – $2000 per system.

Infinity Air Refurbished Aircons

Here at Infinity Air, we have a range of popular brands that have been refurbished and ready for installation. The brands are namely Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Midea and Panasonic. The refurbished aircons that we offer are usually within the price range as mentioned above and are free from operational defects such as water leakages, or abnormal noises. All our refurbished second-hand aircon unit prices are inclusive of installation and they are equipped with the remote control too. All parts are guaranteed to work, and they come with a 3-month warranty to ensure a peace of mind for our customers.


 If you would like to find out more about a particular refurbished model’s availability or price, do feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.