Majority of the buildings, homes, and offices in Singapore, have air-conditioning to tackle the hot and humid climate of the country. Air conditioners are mainly used to provide comfort but there are many other benefits as well. Aircons can not only bring comfort, but also improve health, productivity and keep out unwanted insects. In this article, we will discuss further on the 10 benefits that air-conditioning can provide:


1) Reduce humidity

Reducing the air’s humidity can do wonders for you. An example of a benefit from reducing humidity would be creating a less hospitable environment for microorganisms such as mold and bacteria to grow. Singapore’s high humidity easily attracts dust mites and mold growth that could lead to unwanted health consequences. Therefore, with an aircon in place, you are effectively keeping yourself healthy by reducing the humidity of the environment around.



2) Improves air quality

An aircon will help you to breathe better quality air from the air filtration and circulation system in place. Air conditioning is a solution to improperly ventilated rooms or places that is prone to heat. In these types of conditions, one can easily develop headache, fatigue, and even fall ill too coughs and cold. Additionally, aircons will also help with getting rid of stale air and eliminate odors that come from bad air quality.



3) Improves productivity

At times, the heat from the weather can bring out mental sluggishness or cause you to be easily irritable and less focused. In fact, there is an article from Scientific American that states our “thinking energy” is being sapped away to cool our bodies down in hot environments, which means less energy to think and reason logically when the temperature is uncomfortable. Even Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, had believed that aircon was a significant driver for Singapore’s success. You can read the full article on vox here which revealed that in an interview with Lee, he made air-conditioning a priority when he became Singapore’s Prime Minister. Therefore, you be assured that when homes and offices have air-conditioning, productivity will surely be improved.



4) Reduces stress

Managing stress is important as our bodies will become more prone to falling ill due to high stress levels. Uncomfortable temperatures can contribute to stress and can be a huge distraction as well. At which temperature is deemed as uncomfortable or comfortable can be very subjective – some like it cold while others prefer it to be just-nice. Thankfully with air-conditioning, one can customize the temperature to the individual’s desired level.



5) Better quality sleep

Ever experienced a hot sweaty sleep before? During the hot and humid nights in Singapore, without an aircon you may find it extremely difficult to sleep along with the constant tossing and turning, flipping of pillow, and even getting rid of the blanket. After a bad night of interrupted rest, you will surely be tired and grumpy when you wake up. With air-conditioning, your body can find peace and comfort in the cool temperature, allowing you to have a better restful sleep at night.


6) Stops bugs

Many may not know but air-conditioning helps to reduce the number of bugs coming in. For example, mosquitos are attracted to warm body temperatures and with aircon helping to lower your body temperature, they will be less incline to target you. Another example would be booklice – a creature that enjoys damp, moldy and humid surroundings. With air-conditioning, you will lower the humidity and prevent hospitable conditions for such creatures and therefore, stopping these types of insects and bugs.

7) Less sweat stains

Living in Singapore, you will understand how often you can sweat if you go outdoors in the mornings or afternoons. Even indoors, the natural temperature can cause you to perspire quite a bit, causing sweat stains on your clothes that could even lead to discoloration or unwanted attention (think sweaty pits). Fortunately, with air-conditioning, you can keep yourself cool, protect your clothes and most importantly protect yourself from an embarrassing situation.



8) Protects your furniture

If you especially have furniture that is made of wood, this is something that you would want to take note. The material wood is hygroscopic, which means it gains or loses moisture as the air humidity of its surrounding environment changes, which can lead to warping (deformity of the furniture). Another common furniture material that absorbs moisture is leather which can cause it to rot.


9) Prevent electronical devices from overheating

All electronic devices have the risk of overheating if used for a prolonged period without proper ventilation. Not all spaces have the luxury of good ventilation and that is where aircon, as a solution to that, comes to play. This also helps in the durability of electronic devices – even if they are not overheating to the point of total damage, when the temperature goes up, generally the batteries die out faster as well.


10) Better mood

You may find yourself easily irritable or have a shorter fuse especially on days where Singapore is experiencing a heat wave, where the weather is unbearably hot and humid. Thanks to air-conditioning, where you can set your desired temperature for comfort, you can remove these intolerable conditions that may cause your emotions to trigger easily. With cooler air temperatures, cooler heads will prevail where peace can be better maintained at home, at the workplace, or anywhere else that has an aircon installed.



Now that you understand the benefits and importance of air-conditioning, you should ensure that your aircon is in tip top performance by scheduling regular aircon servicing. If you do not have an aircon yet, you can take a look at the various types of aircon installations that is available for your home or office and decide which is more suitable for you. Alternatively, what you can do is to reach out to us and let us do the work – from inspecting your place to give proper professional suggestions, all the way to applying the finishing touches, without you having to lift a finger.