Disclaimer: This article was written in the same month that the PRISM+ Air-conditioners are launched, and therefore, Infinity Air’s perspective here was based fully on the facts and information provided by PRISM+ official website.



PRISM+ has entered the into the air-conditioner space with its latest launch of their smart air-conditioner series, the PRISM+ Zero Series. Previously PRISM+ is more known for their range of TV products, ranging from monitor screens, Android televisions and soundbars. As the new kid in the town, everyone would be curious to see what they have to offer, and therefore this article will provide you with Infinity Air’s impression on their latest aircon launch.


PRISM+ Zero Smart Air-Conditioner

From the launch, the PRISM+ Zero series is a 5-ticks smart aircon with 3 indoor unit models (cooling capacities of 9k, 12k and 18k BTU), with a 4th model (24k BTU) coming in September. Let’s find out if PRISM+ Zero series can match up with other comparisons:



One of the major key considerations for new air-conditioning systems would be the pricing. Let us look at how their prices (on their website) matches up with other brands. Please note that these prices are mostly indicative and there are additional charges for non-standard pipe-runs:


*According to PRISM+ Official Website


Based on their own comparisons, it seems that you would save approximately 33% by choosing PRISM+ air-conditioning systems as opposed to other traditional brands. With a quick comparison against the air-conditioning systems that Infinity Air provides, you can see that the prices quoted for the traditional brands are fairly accurate and this 33% difference would be the “price” you would pay for choosing a more established and reputable brand. In simple terms, you are given about 1/3 discount if you choose to go with the PRISM+ brand.


System 2/3/4

On their website, the PRISM+ Zero is only available for systems 2/3/4 which means that if you have more than 4 rooms that needs air-conditioning, you will need more than 1 compressor (outdoor unit) to perform the job. Other established reputable brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi have up to System 5 (five indoor aircon connected to 1 outdoor unit). In most cases, normally the typical household only require System 3 or System 4, so this isn’t that big of an issue.



At first glance, the warranty section seems amazing as PRISM+ focuses heavily on marketing their 8 Years of extended warranty on both the indoor and outdoor aircon unit, as compared to most other brands standard warranty of 1 year for the indoor aircon unit. However, do keep in mind that the criteria to be eligible for the 8 years of extended warranty is that you must secure a quarterly (4x a year) aircon servicing contract with them as part of the Early Bird promotion.  


Dedicated Mobile App

Like other Smart air-conditioning systems, they do have a dedicated mobile application created PRISM+ Connect to automate the controls in your home. From voice control (from Google Assistant integration) to direct booking of aircon servicing, setting up of routine activities as well as data analytical insights to monitor usage. Geolocation capabilities are in place as well to automate air-conditioning systems to be turning on and off based on the location proximity which helps to save a ton of energy (if you often forget to turn off the air-conditioner before leaving the house).


Connecting between the PRISM+ aircon and mobile app would be a seamless process and this feature matches well against industry standards, where competitor brand offerings are somewhat similar. Perhaps the major feature that currently stands out here would be the data insights, a feature that other competitors would also develop in the future.



 Conclusion on PRISM+ Aircon

All in all, the PRISM+ Zero series sounds very promising on paper and is the shiny new kid in town. PRISM+ is aiming to bring value to their customers with quality products at accessible prices as they look to introduce more smart home appliances in the future to create a holistic brand for homes. They are competing with the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi to integrate various smart home appliances under one brand to create a seamless user experience while living in a smart home.


The days are still early for PRISM+ as they try to disrupt the industry with their presence and push boundaries with their innovative positioning in the market. Only time will tell if their products and services can withstand the test of time, which will reveal important factors such as durability, reliability, and consistency. Therefore, if you feel excited about PRISM+ upcoming future to become a one-stop smart home solution then you could give their smart air-conditioners a try. Otherwise, you should probably stick with established brands with a long-standing reputation if you just want a stable air-conditioning system.


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