Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Services: Aircon Installation, Cleaning Servicing and Repair

Mitsubishi Electric Air-conditioners are one the most trusted and reputable Japanese aircon brands that have been around for over a century when the company was founded in 1870. Today, Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems. With their 100+ years of award-winning aircon production, they have continued to innovate and develop one of the best and most popular brands of aircon today. Given its strong popularity and foothold as a household aircon brand, Infinity Air is pleased to claim that all of our staff have strong knowledge and are well equipped in dealing with Mitsubishi air-conditioners for both older and also newer models in the market.



We pride ourselves as the best Mitsubishi Aircon service provider with over 20+ years of experience in the industry having completed over 15,000+ aircon services (aircon installation, aircon servicing, and aircon repair). All our aircon technicians are in-house which assures you of consistent and reliable services since we do not outsource any jobs to 3rd party contractors. If you own a Mitsubishi aircon and require  cleaning, repairing or installation services, you have come to the right place. We have a specialized team that focuses on conducting Mitsubishi aircon servicing in Singapore, where your aircon systems will be in good hands.. If you have a strange issue or unsure of something, you can also take a picture and Whatsapp us a description and our team will advise you as soon as we can.


Types of Mitsubishi Electric Models

The main type of air-conditioning system used in homes would be the split or multi-split systems. A split aircon system refers to 1 outdoor unit paired with 1 indoor unit, whereas a multi-split system refers to 1 outdoor unit paired with 2 or more indoor units. The latest series of Mitsubishi aircon models would be:

–  Starmex R410a Single Split and Multi Split

–  Starmex R32 Single Split and Multi Split



Generally, the R32 models are preferred as they are more efficient and environmentally friendly. In the long run, choosing a Starmex R32 type of air-conditioning system for your home will provide better overall cost savings. However, the initial capital outlay would be higher for the R32 models and therefore, depending on your budget and circumstances, you may have to consider which aircon model is more suitable for you. For example, if you are planning to get an air-conditioner for your study room which you only use for a few hours a day, then perhaps the R410a would overall be more cost efficient given the lower initial investment required.


Mitsubishi Electric is well known for their Starmex brand that boasts a reputable image for being reliable and long-lasting. As one of the most popular brands in the world, Mitsubishi Starmex air-conditioners are used both in residential and commercial properties at valued prices given the consistent quality of air-conditioners. If you are looking to have a new aircon, the Mitsubishi Electric Starmex should be one of your top considerations if budget is not an issue. Quality is assured with smooth installation from our experienced professionals. Infinity Air’s aircon technicians are well equipped and experienced with top aircon brands to provide you a peace of mind when you select us as your service provider.



If you are still weighing the difference between the different brands, give us a text or call instead – we will sum it up for you for your easy reference.


Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Repair Services in Singapore

Like all electrical appliances, your Mitsubishi Starmex aircon can stop functioning or operate in an unusually inefficient manner one day if routine servicing and inspection is not regularly scheduled. A few examples of a malfunction would be:

  • Aircon not cold
  • Aircon blowing hot air
  • Water leaking
  • Odd or unusual sounds
  • Aircon not turning on
  • Fan is not running

If you encounter any of these symptoms, you should get your aircon checked immediately before the matter gets worse. Normally when a single part is faulty, if you continue to let it run, the faulty part may put burden on the rest of the aircon systems which could escalate into a total breakdown where you may need a replacement instead. Therefore it is important to have a healthy servicing routine to conduct a full clean-up of your aircon every 6 months as well as conduct an inspection to ensure all parts are in good working order. Our professional aircon technicians with over 2 decades of experience can easily tell if a part is potentially faulty by conducting expert troubleshooting techniques to evaluate and diagnose any potential issues that could arise. The most common aircon repair would be to conduct a aircon chemical overhaul, also known as chemical wash, to get rid of the tough grime and dirt stuck in the systems and the aircon becomes as good as new.

Scope of Mitsubishi electric Air-Conditioner Servicing and Cleaning

We have 3 types Mitsubishi Aircon cleaning services available: General Servicing, Steam Cleaning and Chemical Overhaul. Below provides you the information for each type of Mitsubishi cleaning scope with details. In short, General Servicing for your Mitsubishi aircon refers to basic type of cleaning and maintenance. Steam cleaning is 100% water-based and keeps your system clean, killing 99.9% of bacteria while being environmentally friendly. Lastly, Chemical Overhaul would be highly recommended for your Mitsubishi aircon system if you have not serviced or clean your aircon for at least a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mitsubishi Air-Conditioners

Is Mitsubishi Electric  a good air conditioner brand?

Mitsubishi Electric aircon brand is a great choice if what you are looking for is reliability, quality, and affordability. Although the Mitsubishi brand have great energy-efficient models, the only drawback is that their aircon cooling systems do not have the latest features or technologies that other brands are offering.

How much does a Mitsubishi air conditioner cost?

Depending on the system type and model, the cost may vary. When factoring for costs, you may wish to factor in long-term costs (energy efficiency factor) of the aircon model as well. You may visit our installation page here and contact us for a quotation too:

How long do Mitsubishi air conditioners last?

Generally speaking, Mitsubishi is reliable brand that can serve you for over 15 years if maintained properly. They are well reputable for their long-lasting aircon, so if an aircon’s lifespan is a major plus point for you, Mitsubishi’s brand of Starmex airconditioners  would make a good choice.

Which Starmex model is the best?

There is no one-size-fits-all type of starmex aircon model for everyone. It really depends on what is your requirements, e.g. room size and frequency of usage to find which model is suitable for you. You will also have to factor in its energy efficiency (more energy efficient ones usually have higher initial cost), the location of the aircon in your area and also what are the special features you want.

Are Starmex air conditioners quiet?

Our favourite part about Starmex aircon is that they are designed to be quiet. There are certain models that also include a mode called “Night Quiet” if you are especially sensitive to sounds. You will definitely have a good night’s rest with Starmex in your home.