Midea Aircon Service: Installation, Aircon Servicing, Cleaning and AC Repair

Ranging from cleaning, servicing installation and repairs, we provide solutions and services to all Midea air-conditioners.

We pride ourselves as one of the best Midea Aircon service provider with almost 20 years of experience in the industry as a BCA registered contractor. All our technicians are in-house which is assuring for our clients given our consistent and reliable services. We are confident enough in all our works that we provide a 30-day warranty as a form of guarantee to put your mind at ease when you choose us.

Be it water leaking, aircon not cold, gas leakages or other faulty problems, our aircon technician experts are ready to help with your Midea AC issues and can troubleshoot for you. We specialize in Midea aircon servicing and cleaning as the best Midea aircon service cleaning provider in Singapore

What is so special about Midea Air-conditioners?

Midea’s main unique selling point is based on their main focus on the “All Easy” – which refers to easy installation, cleaning and maintenance. They have done their research and understand that air-conditioners that can last significantly longer than the average lifespan of 8-10 years are being well taken care of. With that said, Midea believes that Aircon maintenance should not be too expensive or complicated, and therefore the All-Easy series to simplify the process of cleaning and maintenance for even laymen who knows nothing about air-conditioners. There are tons of online information on how to DIY clean your Midea air-conditioner, and since taking care of the aircon is made simple and easy, there is a better likelihood of its lifespan going further than average. 

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Infinity Air – Your Choice for Midea Aircon Services

We offer a wide range of services to resolve your Midea aircon issues and they include:


  • General Aircon Servicing (standard aircon cleaning): This provides essential cleaning services that involve dismantling the case, cleaning the filters, dusting off dirt, and vacuuming up any residue

  • Aircon Steam Cleaning: As the name suggests, we use hot steam (100% chemical free) to destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms living in your air-conditioner in hard-to-reach places. This method is also 100% environmentally friendly as it is a water-based process

  • Chemical overhaul for your aircon systems: If you haven’t cleaned your aircon for years, this would be perfect as this cleaning method is our deepest and most thorough cleaning service available. We will dismantle your aircon into parts and use deep cleaning chemicals to rid of mold or any other difficult stains to bring the internal cleanliness of your aircon system to as good as new.

  • Aircon Whitening: If you think your aircon’s external casing has turned yellow, or you just wish to whiten and create a better aesthetic look for your Midea aircon, we can provide this service on an adhoc basis – go ahead and ask us about it!

  • Regular servicing contracts: By having a regular schedule for aircon maintenance and cleaning, your aircon will be in tiptop condition all year round. Excellent performance would mean that your aircon will cool your room easily and stay energy efficient, which helps in your electrical bills as well. You can minimize the risk of breakdowns and failures as maintenance checks are included during these regular servicing contracts.

  • Aircon Repairs: Normally we would ask you to describe the issue beforehand so we can get our technicians well prepared and equipped before coming down to your place for an inspectation. The best scenario would be that we can resolve the issue on the spot with our Midea aircon experts taking to the root cause of any problems and performing the repairs accordingly. If things are more complicated, we would advise you accordingly and ultimately let you make the informed decision if a 2nd trip is required or if a replacement makes more economical sense.


Ultimately, we love to give our customers peace of mind and ensure that our technicians provide the best service possible.


Midea Aircon Service

We have 3 Midea Aircon cleaning services available: General Servicing, Steam Cleaning and Chemical Overhaul. From left to right depicts the most basic aircon servicing (far left, General Servicing) to the deepest cleanse your Midea Aircon can get (far right, Chemical Overhaul).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Midea Air-Conditioners

Is Midea a good air conditioner?

Midea aircons are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious and budget-friendly users.


How much does a Midea air conditioner cost?

Depending on the system type and model of the aircon, the cost may vary. You may visit our installation page here and contact us for a quotation too:



How long do Midea air conditioners last?

Generally, Midea aircons are a reliable brand that can serve you for more than 10+ years if the systems are well-maintained.


Which Midea Aircon is best for me?

It really depends on what is your requirements, e.g. room size and frequency of usage to find which model is suitable for you.


Is Midea aircon quiet?

Midea aircons are generally quiet that you won’t be able to notice any sounds they make when you sleep.